What The Heart Wants

What The Heart Wants

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryBell Pepper

Todd was madly in love with Lisa. Trouble was, Todd didn’t know how to tell Lisa. With a new guy moving in next door to her, he now had competition. If Todd didn’t move fast, he was going to miss his chance to win Lisa over. He needed a plan and after speaking to the right person, Todd knew what needed to be done. He hoped. Overjoyed that Lisa had accepted his invitation to dinner, Todd now had to figure out how to show Lisa he was worthy of more than just one date. He had to show her, he was worthy of forever.

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Todd knew the way to win over Lisa was through her heart. She was a woman of action. She cared less about the words spoken unless they held true meaning. Todd was not the kind of man who wanted to put his heart on his sleeve. Outwardly, he was more “You should know how I feel just because I’m feeling it”. Or “you should know how I feel because I’m still around”. 

Lisa wasn’t like that. She wanted more. She deserved more. She craved more and he knew it. He had to do something about the desire racing through his blood or he was going to lose the chance to be with the woman who he’d spent the last ten years pining for. 

As the fates would have it, another man had suddenly landed in her life. Jason had moved into her building and was paying way too much attention to Lisa. Todd had known Jason for a few years. Somehow, he’d ended up being Lisa’s new neighbor. Trouble with Jason was that he was physically perfect. It was sickening just how perfect. Jason’s muscles had muscles. Even his face was flawless with a chiseled jawline and sparkling eyes. Never in Todd’s life had he seen someone so perfect and it annoyed him so much. 

What The Heart Wants
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