Christmas Cookies and Cappuccinos

Christmas Cookies and Cappuccinos

By Patricia A. Wolf

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After Tami lost her husband, she and her three children were forced to rebuild their lives. With a mountain of struggle, including figuring out how to pay school tuition for all three of her children, Tami did the best she could. Working 12 hour days, she spent her time baking cookies and waiting tables at a nearby café. With the Christmas season in full swing, Tami started getting hundreds of dollars in tips. A Christmas miracle, she had no idea who was sharing such generosity. Then, she met Nick and the memories of her childhood began to surface. Nick was a business developer who had a secret–a Christmas secret that would impact Tami’s life and send her down a path that would have her embracing a lot of Christmas magic.

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Working more hours left Tami with little time for her three children. Brandy, a 10-year-old recluse, spent most of her time hiding in the loft of their apartment building, Becky, an 8-year-old spit fire of havoc, preferred to tempt fate in the kitchen—The fire department knew her by name, while six-year-old Benny lingered in the shadow of Aunt Bobby Jo. Benny took their father’s absence the hardest. His unexpected death had left them all managing the loss in their own way. Nearly two years and Tami still expected him to walk through the door to greet her as he’d done so many times in their marriage. His death had forced her to make hard choices for the family. 

Christmas Cookies and Cappuccinos
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