The Sand

The Sand

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

A summer romance would never be enough for Meredith and Russell, but how successful were most long distance relationships? Sooner or later, their busy lives would find pause, and whether they expected it or not, someone else would grace their doorstep and fill their lonely nights. Their summer romance would fade away into the abyss. The warmth of a memory is all that would remain. Unless, they fought for a relationship that could be everything they’d ever wanted.

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Russell dabbed lotion into the palm of his hand and moved around her. Placing the flat part of his hand over the center of her back, he brushed tender strokes over her flesh, gracing every inch with lotion and a fingertip massage. 

The string of her bikini dangled along her spine as his fingers glided over her skin. With the quick pinch of his fingers, he clasped the long end and untied the bikini top. 

“Russell,” Meredith called to him.

“Hmm”, he murmured.

“Are you trying to unfasten my top?”

She didn’t have to spin around to know he was grinning like the devil behind her. His eyes widened as she took off the top and tossed it to the floor at the stern. 

The Sand
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