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Once upon a time, three friends started talking about what they read and the dearth of good romantic short fiction. So, they created this website. You’re welcome.


We aim to provide something for everyone who is looking for stories like these. We hope you enjoy them as much as these readers have.

I’ve been looking for stories like this forever! I can’t believe I’ve finally found them!

Luis Villasmil

Reader of the ‘The Human Interface’.

Thank you! Thank you! Such great stories!

Michael Halinton

Reader of the ‘The Golden Mike’.


Our authors come from all walks of life and we are adding more all the time. We hope you enjoy getting to know them better.

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Royce Tófa
Royce Tófa

Adventuring across the US, from one coast to the other, Royce Tófa (toe-wa) has called many exciting places home. Currently residing in the Carolinas, this poet, lyricist, and writer, is known best for their many nerdy obsessions with history, music, and arts, but mostly and most importantly, cats.

"I read 'The Times' for dinner, but this...this is my dessert."
-William Forrester from Finding Forrester

As a not so young child, Royce’s grandmother opened her collection of beautifully crafted and collected pieces to hand them a book that would forever impact their world, a short romance novel. Though an avid reader of many serious titles that would make their 10th grade English teacher proud, nothing helped best between the great throwings of the mind than a purely fun dessert to treat themselves to.

Come along on a journey to not only enjoy your dessert, but step into a historically inspired world where you too can explore your sexuality in a variety of ways, wrapped and woven into delicious romantic delights.

Patricia A. Wolf
Patricia Wolf

Patricia A. Wolf lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and soon to be new puppy. Aside from writing, Patricia enjoys coaching and watching her daughter play soccer, watching romance and action movies in the comfort of her home (which she doesn't get to do often since most of her time is spent keeping up with a nine year old, being a wife, writer and teacher), and traveling (whenever possible, that is).

Her current series include: Immortal Secrets, The House of Elysian, and The Miracle of Christmas. Patricia took time away from writing but is back in action and working on new projects. She will have new stories released soon. Including, the next book in The House of Elysian series, as well as, a paranormal romance that will have you howling at the moon.

Freya Tusk
Freya Tusk
Freya Tusk

I grew up reading romances, but too often, the main characters weren't anything like me. I started noticing that the women and men rarely had any flaws... perfect bodies, or perfect lives... not very realistic... not really reflective of the people reading the books. I wanted to write stories about funny, awkward, maybe more largely proportioned characters who still found romance, great sex, and maybe even love. I asked friends to found this company with me and then we deliberately decided to leave out the kinds of adjectives that might limit the imagination so that our readers could picture whoever they wanted to be able to picture, themselves or others.

I also wanted readers to feel free to explore their own boundaries through fantasy... we don't all want to do things in reality, but it doesn't mean we can't imagine it. I hope you enjoy reading some of our serious, funny, zany, kinky, dramatic, or even wild fantasies as we explore our own imaginations. I hope that these stories will entertain, relieve stress, and even kindle your passions.

Nina Pettit
Nina Pettit
Nina Pettit

Ever since her highschool days in English class, Nina has always had an underlying urge to write, but never acted upon it, save for a few articles she wrote for an online magazine in her later years. Nina wanted more, but what else could she write about? It wasn’t until a friend posed the idea of collaborating on a romance novel that she officially caught the writing bug. Delving into the world of erotic short stories became the perfect creative outlet. Having never been into romance novels, Nina pulled ideas based on her own life experiences as a guide to many of her story ideas.

Come along with Nina as she sheds her inhibitions and explores aspects of her sexuality. As you immerse yourself in her stories, which range from funny to adventurous, may you come away with a healthy and sex-positive experience that sparks the sensual fire within you.


Morgan Fox is a Siren-Bookstrand best selling author who lives in Texas with her husband, daughter and dogs. She has been writing paranormal and contemporary romance for as long as she can remember.

A graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas, she was raised in Florida, but navigated to Texas as quickly as she could. Most days, you can find Morgan on her computer, diving headlong into her fierce imagination where anything can happen.

When not writing or thinking about writing, she spends her days with her young daughter and husband enjoying the outdoors and reading all kinds of romance novels. A romantic junkie at heart, she can't get enough of that mushy stuff.

Morgan Fox
Morgan Fox
Nina Pettit
Lylah Rose
Lylah Rose

Lylah Rose lives in the Dallas area of Texas. She is passionate about her family and friends, and has always been a storyteller, of sorts. However, writing down her ideas for others to read is a first. Even though she was not sure she could be a writer, with no formal training, she has decided to get out of her comfort zone and write down all of the stories rattling around in her head.

She has had a lot of guidance from the amazing editors here at The Spicy Spot and hopes you enjoy her creations as much as she has enjoyed writing them. Happy Reading.

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