The Warrior and The Warlock

The Warrior and The Warlock

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalHabanero

Annie’s Kingdom was under attack by the rogue king and his army of vile creatures. Fleeing with her people, Annie was separated from Bryce, a warlock and magical advisor to the king. Bryce was also her lover and friend. Forging a plan to save the royal princesses from capture, Bryce set off to find Annie, a warrior unlike any he’d ever seen. Using his magic, Bryce found Annie and together they set a path toward sanctuary. Stumbling upon the ruins of a castle, Annie discovered a secret Bryce hid and a magic unlike any she’d ever known existed.

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She slowed her breathing and calmed her nerves. As a warrior, she could fight, but she would never survive an attack from the thousands approaching. Her best outcome was to hide, wait for the army to pass, and then double back to the kingdom to find reinforcements. 

A swirling energy swelled in her chest and raced outward, surrounding her entire body in what could only be described as a cocoon. A rush of peace filled her mind as Bryce’s voice filled her head.

“Hello my love.”

Sighing, she gasped for breath. Excitement fueled her blood. “Bryce, I hear you.”

“Good. I’m not far. Keep still. My magic will help shield you from the army.”

The Warrior and The Warlock
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