Wicked In The Woods

Wicked In The Woods

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleContemporaryHabanero

Being alone in the woods was not Holly’s idea of a party. Ending her shift late had forced her to arrive after everyone else. The bright glow of the moon danced off the mist, creating shadows and images that played tricks with Holly’s mind as she headed down the path. Then, she spotted a light heading directly towards her. She prayed it was her boyfriend Rob. Hiding behind a tree, she waited. Sometimes, mysteries in the dark weren’t always scary. Getting past the fear was the hardest part.

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He chuckled, tucking her into his side with his arm around her. “Sounds like a plan. I say we get here first so we get the pick of the rooms and can even christen a few.”

She poked him. “Is that all you think about?”

“Holly, I’m a guy. Of course, that’s all I think about.” He winked at her. 

Then, Holly had a brazen idea. With Rob with her, the woods didn’t seem so scary, and knowing that the lake house was overrun with friends made things a bit less intimate. Wasting the moment seemed silly. 

She stopped and pulled him to her, dragging her fingers over his chest. “You know, we’re alone now.”

Rob’s brow rose high on his forehead. “Yes, we are.”

Nibbling her lower lip, she said, “Maybe we should take advantage of that.”

The corner of Rob’s mouth curled upward. “So, what you’re asking of me is to be wicked in the woods with you?”

Wicked In The Woods
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