Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

By Morgan Fox

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The room fell silent as Jewel and Ben both took another sip of wine. Jewel studied Ben from over the rim of her glass. He did know her well. She shared most everything with him. Since high school, they’d been paired up like a fine wine and its complimentary meal. Dating had never been an issue because Ben was her partner in crime. Come to think of it, Ben wasn’t the dating type either. He simply called Jewel when going out was a need and she gladly joined in on the adventure. Those random thoughts stirred her curiosity…and Christmas Memories began to unwrap a gift of unbreakable friendship and unexpected love.

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Ben and Jewel sat on the gray leather sofa, sipping chardonnay from their glasses. Since reaching adulthood, getting together to drink wine and chat had become a holiday tradition for the two of them. Turns out, the childhood friends had a lot in common. Wine tasting, random trivia knowledge, and feeling like family were just a few of those commonalities. Whenever an event popped up, either one would invite the other, and the playful competition of who knew more answers to random questions was afoot. 

Christmas Memories
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