The Vampire and The Demon

The Vampire and The Demon

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalHabanero

Laney is a hunted vampire. Broderick is a powerful demon. Together, they train to keep themselves from being captured by the rogue king, a vile creature who would enslave Laney and murder Broderick. With the help of friends, Laney and Broderick find themselves in a unique situation, one that has them racing to build an army.

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Laney ran through the woods, hurdling over fallen trees and foliage. Low lying limbs and bushes whipped upon her skin, stinging. Hissing at the bite of pain, she kept running. Broderick was coming. The heavy pounding of his footsteps thundered upon the ground, echoing through the thick forest. Animals scurried and birds sprang up from the tops of trees like missiles into the air, fleeing the approaching danger. Time was limited, and her capture was imminent. Broderick was a determined demon and the game they played always ended the same way. 

The scent of the fresh clean water of the lagoon was within reach. The crushing sound of the cascading waterfall was like a beacon, calling to her. This was the furthest she’d ever gotten. Was she getting faster, or just better at covering her tracks? Whatever it was, she was sure to find victory, if not today, then soon enough. 

The Vampire and The Demon
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