The Proud Witch Part 2

The Proud Witch Part 2

By Dee Lowe

Male and FemaleContemporaryParanormalComedy/HumorBell Pepper

For five months of weekend training workshops, we were in a group together, and I had been checking her out, talking to her, and waiting for this private moment to make a move. She was a prickly, talented, beautiful witch who really knew her horticulture facts and it had taken this entire time for me to break down her barriers so that I could get close to her. But it was going to be worth it.

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“Is it alright if I kiss you? I’ve been wanting to for a long time.”

She blinked and reached up, answering me by putting her hands on both sides of my face, and pulling me down to meet her open mouth. Like fireworks, her hot, wet mouth took mine and sparks went off everywhere inside me. I briefly noticed that sparks also rained down from the dim light bulbs hanging over us – her magical energy was pouring out and finding other outlets. Without her noticing, I snapped my fingers to make it stop – we were in a dry, wooden shed with other dry, flammable products all around us. Last thing I wanted was to start a true wildfire. Our tongues danced and I pulled her hips right up against mine so that she could feel how hard she was making me. She started grinding against me and I groaned.

The Proud Witch Part 2
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