The English Pub – Part 1

The English Pub - Part 1

By Dee Lowe

Male and FemaleContemporaryComedy/HumorBell Pepper

Before moving to this tiny village in England, I drank maybe once or twice a month at most. Now I was drinking every Friday, my last workday for the week. And only because Ian was so damn good looking.

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As I walked into the pub, Ian glanced up from running the tap to fill a beer. When he smiled, I felt my stomach and head spin simultaneously but I tried to give him a nonchalant grin and nod to say hello. The warmth from the two stone fireplaces immediately made me start to feel overheated after walking there in the cold, so I found a table and took off my hat, scarf, mittens, and coat.

The English Pub – Part 1
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