The Proud Witch Part 1

The Proud Witch Part 1

By Dee Lowe

Male and FemaleContemporaryParanormalComedy/HumorBell Pepper

This witch is hoping to meet some hip, cool, gardening man, who maybe loves bees as much as she does. Will she get what she is looking for? Or will she turn him into a newt?

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I am a witch and I’m proud of it. I’ve read and seen dozens of stories and movies where the theme is a witch denying her heritage and gifts because of fear, shame, or guilt. However, in my family, going back centuries, none of us have hidden our power. We didn’t care who knew about us because if they messed with us, we just used our power to mess with them right back. Nothing horrible, mind you. But you know that witch character in Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail? Yah, based on one of my ancestors… she really did turn people into newts – temporarily – if they bothered her.

The Proud Witch Part 1
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