The Joy of the Unwind

The Joy of the Unwind

By Patricia A. Wolf

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Corporate life was not all it was cracked up to be. Julia and Brad suffered through thankless jobs daily. Being overworked and not appreciated developed heightened frustrations. Brad had a plan: beers, dinner, and dessert. Would a night spent together under the stars be enough to unwind from their daily chaotic jobs?

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Julia glared at her work email and wondered if her company specialized in hiring inefficient people. As it was, the only person solving company issues was her. How much longer could she manage the lopsided workload without help? 

Exhausted, she could barely keep her head above water managing her own workload, and now, an explosion of emails demanding she do more. Why did these employees still have jobs if she was the one doing their work? Something needed to change and soon. 

Torture had become the norm. The daily mountain of grief she had to sort through was endless. She wasn’t paid enough to babysit grown adults. Her boss was traveling and left her in charge. Again. 

The Joy of the Unwind
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