Pizza and Popsicles

Pizza and Popsicles

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryBell Pepper

Megan and Jeff were friends of friends and total opposites. So they thought? They shared a secret–a hidden attraction. Can a chance meeting lead to something savory and more delicious than mere friendship? Or will intimidation and fear shut them down as it always had in the past?

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Megan glanced up at Jeff and caught him looking at her from across the room. Once their eyes locked, he smiled, and she couldn’t help but return the warm expression. The softness around his eyes made her heart race—a feeling that stirred more than just a grin. 

For far too long, Megan desired Jeff, longing for more than friendship. No matter how unattainable he was, he made her blood heat, her pulse thunder at her temples, and her thoughts run on a continual loop of desire. Knowing the warmth of his kiss had become a recurring dream.

Pizza and Popsicles
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