The Culinary Cabin

The Culinary Cabin

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

Sarah’s kitchen had been overrun with crayons, books, clothing, and people. Her sister and family had taken over her house. Guests until the water leak was fixed in their apartment. Should be a quick fix, right? Nope! Sarah was on a deadline and had to finish the menu for the restaurant. She needed peace and quiet. A business card for a rental cabin in the woods landed in her lap and a seed was planted. Packing her car and heading out, Sarah comes face to face with an unexpected occupant. Now, she must share her culinary cabin with her nemesis.

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“If I don’t get to prepare something soon, I’m going to lose my mind!” 

Sarah rolled her eyes at her dramatic best friend. “It’s not like you can’t.”

The mental picture of her kitchen overrun with crayons, books, clothing, and people was not humorous. Her workspace had been taken over by her sister and family. Sadly, their apartment had a water leak, a repair that should’ve been completed, but wasn’t. 

“Sarah, you know me. It’s in my blood to cook daily. It’s my purpose in life.”

The Culinary Cabin
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