It’s Snow Problem

It's Snow Problem

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

Again, David won the bet and Jill was going to be forced to follow him on another adventure that would have her exhausted. David was an action junky. Jill preferred the beach and a good book. Each year the two best friends would flip a coin to decide where their first of the year vacation would be. David won a lot. This year was no different.

The extreme ski trip was underway and down the mountain side they traveled. Needing balance in her day, Jill bailed on the slopes for some hot cocoa in the lodge. When David returned, she was horrified to find out he’d been injured. Overcome by the fear of losing him, she took him back to the rental property to get some rest. That was when she realized just how much more than friends they were. Trouble was, she wasn’t sure David shared the same sentiments.

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“Um, well, when I crashed and laid stunned in the snow it dawned on me that I only wanted one thing. It was like a repeated message in my head.” She looked up at him as he said, “I wanted you, Jill.” He shook his head as if fighting for a way to finish what he wished to say. “I wanted to get down the mountain and see you again. I wanted to touch you. Hold you. I felt sick to my stomach with the idea that I could’ve really injured myself and missed the chance to tell you how I felt about you.”

It’s Snow Problem
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