Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee

Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryBell Pepper

For two long years, Hope desired Nathan. Nathan hadn’t seemed to desire anything other than being the boss and running the company. Boss complications aside, Hope and Nathan shared an unexpected love of hazelnut coffee and cinnamon rolls–from the same pastry shop. Their tasty connection was an opened door that led to something more delicious than Hope ever imagined possible.

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White, creamy icing dripped like hot butter over the spiral wrapped pastry. Dark brown lines traced the roll like a swirling racetrack. The scent of the cinnamon roll wafted on the air, filling Hope’s nose with the warmth and sweetness of fall. 

Her stomach growled and hunger took hold, tugging with an insatiable yearning. Fall was both her favorite and most hated time of the year. She loved the delicious foods and smells of the season. The biting winds and the approaching winter cold, not so much. 

Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee
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