The Arrangement

The Arrangement

By Royce Tófa

Two MaleshistoricalFantasyHabanero

Lord Aldric is going deer hunting with his father’s men. He hopes to get a few moments alone with Hartwin (the leader of their hunting group). Aldric is used to getting what he wants and what he wants most now is Hartwin’s dominance.

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Aldric walked hastily alongside his companions through the dense brush and forest. He gripped his dagger in hand, the beautiful craftsmanship of it aptly named for what they had planned to use it for, “deer catcher”. He’d packed his gear early that morning, excited not only to land a potential kill to help feed his family, but potentially find a moment alone with him. 

Him. Hartwin. The beautiful strong man that led their hunting group most often. Occasionally if he was lucky, they’d be able to separate off from the others, and he hoped that this trip would be no different.

The Arrangement
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