The Weaver of Love: Helena

The Weaver of Love: Helena

By Royce Tófa

Two MalesPansexualhistoricalFantasyJalapeño Pepper

Helena comes to visit the weaver, looking for a spell of love. Will Helena learn how to weave something special for her love? Or will she get more than she bargained for?

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Stepping out into the garden, she began gazing around to enjoy the foliage as she noticed a figure breaking through the forest line. She shielded her eyes with a hand, smiling warmly at the approaching woman. She was beautiful as the sun washed over her, but her face was uncertain, her eyes looking around in awe and wonder.

“Hello there,” the weaver called as she walked closer to her doorway, “why don’t you come in….” she continued, expecting a name. 

“Helena…and thank you” the visitor replied, a nervous smile donning her lips.

The Weaver of Love: Helena
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