The Baker’s Son: First Encounter

The Baker's Son: First Encounter

By Royce Tófa

Male/Female /MalehistoricalFantasyGhost

When he’d come of age, like many of his friends, Otto had decided to continue to work within his family’s bakery business. Lost in the rhythm of the work, he was surprised to hear a knock on the door. He wasn’t surprised to see a woman who often came early, dangerously flirtatious in every encounter, but the man behind her was someone he’d never seen before.

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As he set the last of the second batch to rise he looked up to find the husband’s fingers trailing down his wife’s breast, their eyes on him. Otto flushed, dumbstruck as they began to kiss in front of him. Of course he’d heard that people did all sorts of things but no one had ever propositioned him like this, much less a couple. He wasn’t sure if they just wanted him to watch, but the thought of it made him hard, throbbing from the excitement of the idea. The woman, whom he’d come to know as Ella over the last few months, departed from her husband, Henry, until she’d come to his side at the table, running her fingers down his exposed forearm. 

The Baker’s Son: First Encounter
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