Solo Camping

Solo Camping

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

The car was loaded to the gills with all the essential camping supplies; tent, lights, rain gear, food, firewood, sleeping bag, and cooking stove. Lauren covered all bases, except for one. Her boyfriend, Glen, couldn’t go with her. Flying solo was not part of the agenda, but Glen refused to let her back out, knowing how much Lauren loved the outdoors. Sometimes the fresh air, sunshine, and nights spent under the stars were what was needed to unwind and relax. Something even better might be the little surprises that await us. An unexpected moment when passion, love, and a greeting smile can make the experience even more special. 

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“Me too.” She kissed him. “Since you’ve been working through the night, I bet you’re ready for some sleep.”

Glen cupped her face. “Not just yet. I have something else I need a lot more than sleep.”

Lauren licked her lips, understanding exactly what Glen was referring to. She had the same desires. There was something intimate about laying with each other in a tent, snuggling under the fading stars, just the two of them. 

Solo Camping
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