Baked in Flames

Baked in Flames

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

Jessica was dedicated and determined to be known as the best bakery in all the state. That meant her sweet little bakery had to enter competitions. A blazing kitchen fire dashed those dreams. But when firefighter Jack offered up the firehouse kitchen for her cupcake masterpiece will sparks ignite?

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Award winning brownies were Jessica’s signature baked goods and the one she’d taken to the bank to obtain a loan. She was on her way, opening her own bakery in a busy section of town that had proven to be a successful piece of her business plan. The dream had become a reality. 

Hiring a few extra staff freed up some of Jessica’s time to get creative. Cupcakes were her new adventure. She’d mastered the brownies, cookies, and cakes. Now, she was ready to branch out into pastries and uniquely designed cupcakes. 

Nothing was easy when it came to spending time in the kitchen.

Baked in Flames
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