Snowed In At The Lodge

Snowed In At The Lodge

By Patricia A. Wolf

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Sherry stops at the lodge because the snowy weather is too much to drive in. She is shocked to run into Ryan. The last time she had seen him, she had expressed her love for him and he had run away. Heart-broken and daring not to hope, Sherry steels herself for an awkward conversation. But that’s not what she gets.

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A year ago, Sherry and her best friend Ryan had taken a weeklong ski trip. On their way home, they stayed at the lodge. The rustic gem was made of wood cut from the neighboring forest. The golden hue of the logs that constructed the lodge were oak and created a natural beauty. The way it smelled welcomed travelers. The bright lights around the property were a beacon, calling in strangers and familiar faces with a smile and the promise of a peaceful night’s rest.

Once inside, the main lodge of the cabin held a massive fireplace that warmed every inch of space. The soft glow of lamps and candles paired beautifully with the crackling of the roaring fire. Overstuffed brown leather sofas squared up in the center of the room, while comfortable forest green recyclers accompanied end tables filled with books along the walls. The windows were covered with gold and brown curtains. The rustic charm greeted with wonder.

For a moment, Sherry could see Ryan grinning at her as they sipped cocoa and warmed themselves by the fire. That was the day it all changed for her. The day she realized that her love for Ryan ran deeper than friendship. It was also the day that everything unraveled between them, and she discovered that Ryan didn’t feel the same.

Snowed In At The Lodge
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