Bravery, Courage, and Love

Bravery, Courage, and Love

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

Rebecca was pulled from the fiery blaze of her car by the familiar face of a firefighter. Devon, her neighbors’ brother, made a house call to check on her. Did firefighters do that normally? Devon did. Offering up his culinary skills, Devon whips up a delicious meal and an even more enticing dessert.

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Rebecca was choking. Smoke tunneled through her body like blood through her veins. Pounding like a drum, her head throbbed with a piercing pain, distorting her vision. She groaned.

“Ma’am? Can you hear me?”


“Ma’am, I’m going to cut you from your seat belt.”

Rebecca’s eyes fluttered. For a few seconds, her gaze wandered the cab of her truck. The haze of thick smoke was everywhere. A blazing heat pelted against her flesh. 

Bravery, Courage, and Love
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