By Morgan Fox

Male/Female /MaleContemporaryhabanero

Today was all about passing a test and looking like a badass in front of the hottest woman Luke had ever laid eyes on. Impressing Lauren to get her to notice him was the goal. Was it working? Probably not. She was way above his pay grade. Still, he was no quitter.  The other obstacle in Luke’s way was her lover, Charles, his main competition. Charles was a class act, a great guy. The situation would’ve been easier if Luke could just get in his face, call him a dick, beat his ass, and claim Lauren for himself. But he couldn’t. Until the unexpected happened and everything changed.

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Outside of nearly drooling on her, Luke was surprised she hadn’t realized just how head over heels he was for her. Hiding the attraction was impossible. He stared, like a stalker, whenever she entered a room. He couldn’t help it. Seeing her, watching her every movement was as strong as his will to breathe. 

Worse still, Charles knew what kind of woman he called lover and doted on her whenever possible. Irritation boiled inside Luke. How was a normal everyday Joe like Luke going to compete with all that? Easy. He wasn’t. He’d simply get to dream about the woman he would never possess.

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