Island Getaway

Island Getaway

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalFantasyhabanero

Come find me…whispers in Brenna’s mind had her meandering down the sandy path of the beach towards the sound of trickling water and a magnificent lagoon. Mitchell, an Adonis, greeted her. He presented her with options—options she would need to be brave to explore. Trouble was, she never strayed outside her comfort zone.

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Was it wrong that as Brenna stepped out from the sliding glass doors of her room and onto the beach, she hoped that there might be a little romantic magic to be found on the island? Talk about living outside her comfort zone. Still, the idea of an island romance did spark her interest. 

Brenna stared up at the bright moon, its white beams engulfed the beach in a soft glow. The still warm, gritty sand swallowed her feet with each step. She loved the beach—the salty aroma, the breezes, the warm sun, and picturesque nights. Bliss.   

Island Getaway
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