Office Space

Office Space

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleContemporaryHabanero

Tara was hired to design an office space for a downtown office building. The job could help her career in a major way. Meeting Tom had been an unexpected bonus. Offering him a chance to view the furniture concepts, she arranged a meeting at her office. Tom arrived early, bringing dinner. A spark ignited inside her. As unprofessional as it was to flirt or fantasize about her client, she struggled to dismiss her attraction. His grin tickled her like swirling butterflies. Was it his smile that caused the response or was it seeing him again? Maybe both.

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Warmth filled her cheeks as she eyed Tom. He was looking at her in that way that had stirred her blood earlier. Shaking off the sensation, she opened the bag and reached in for a burger. 

“Are you dating anyone, Tara?”

Popping a fry into her mouth, she laughed. “Why? Trying to set me up with someone?”

Glancing down, with the drink in his hand, he said, “Yes, me.”

Office Space
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