By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleParanormalhabanero

Nakota owed Becca a debt he’d never be able to repay. Not long ago, she’d helped him pick up the pieces of his fractured life. Beaten and left for dead, he’d been discarded like trash in the woods by something more powerful than a werewolf. His name and the scent of his mate were all he had left of himself. Thankfully, it was enough to lead him to Becca—a werewolf too. Nothing had prepared him for the woman that would be his salvation.

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A full moon now would be disastrous. With only a few days left in the lunar cycle, Nakota’s werewolf was clawing at the back of his mind—a constant reminder of the imminent change that was due to come. But not tonight. Tonight, Becca needed him, and he had to be on his best behavior. Something that was much easier to do between full moon phases. 

The cataclysmic dilemma: His mates’ best friend was having an engagement party—for couples. 

This will be fun! Said no werewolf ever.

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