Like the First Time

Like the First Time

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

A date! That was something Miranda and Daniel hadn’t done in ages. Greeting her at the door, Daniel handed her a leather jacket and helmet. A date on the motorcycle! They were going riding, and it was likely to be a date she would never forget.

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The next morning, they dressed for work and somehow ended up in the kitchen at the same time. Sipping their coffee, Daniel kept glancing at Miranda. Again, she was concerned about her appearance.

She patted her head. “Is it my hair?”

“Your hair is always perfect,” he reminded her. 

Another compliment. Her cheeks warmed. She could get used to this.

“I want to do something tonight?”

She paused. “On a Tuesday?”

He shot her a crooked grin. “Yes, tonight.”

Miranda’s mouth wasn’t functioning. Had he sensed her need for a relationship reboot? Had he been feeling it too?

Like the First Time
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