Chocolate Cake and Milk

Chocolate Cake and Milk

By Patricia A. Wolf

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Sometimes finding the perfect slice of happiness can be found at the local Italian eatery. For Deb, it was just that. Whenever the need arose, she found herself sitting at her favorite table at her favorite Italian restaurant, enjoying a slice of chocolate cake with a glass of chocolate milk. The combination was heaven.

New to the area, Brian stumbles into the Italian restaurant and sits at the table beside Deb.

Her fondness for cake has him intrigued. Small town life creates opportunities and Brian finds himself face to face with Deb once again. He can’t resist the chance to ask her out and an unexpected blend of deliciousness begins to stir in the air and a past connection comes to light.

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Being surrounded by so many others also helped with loneliness. Her hectic work schedule and hermit lifestyle made finding someone special near impossible. Sure, she met tons of people in her line of work, but no one that wasn’t already married or not her type. And there were a lot of “not her types” around. Friends tried to set her up, but they were a bust too. Her friends didn’t seem to understand that it wasn’t that she was picky, it was that she wanted someone her heart instinctively recognized, as if they were destined to find each other. 

Chocolate Cake and Milk
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