A Pumpkin for Autumn

A Pumpkin for Autumn

By Patricia A. Wolf

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Autumn once loved camping with her dog Brantley. When he died, the pain was too great and doing the things she once loved faded into sadness. Three years later, and the pain of loss had finally lessoned enough to try living outside of her protective bubble. A camping trip was something she and Brantley once did often. To honor him, Autumn ventured to the campground where they’d last camped. Fall was in full swing and Autumn was overcome with the most joyful memories. But when a small sized furball shoots out from the trees craving Autumn’s freshly crafted smores, she’s more than surprised. Taking matters into her own hands, Autumn begins searching for the owner of the lost puppy. That’s when things take a very unexpected turn.

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Autumn placed the puppy down and cleaned her hands. After wiping her face of the ooey gooey evidence too, she picked up the little fury pumpkin and headed down the trail to the nearest campsite. They hadn’t seen the dog before. Determined, Autumn walked almost every site, and the rangers’ stations, before circling back towards her own. With one last site to check, she wondered if this dog had gotten lost and wandered into the park, smelling all the campsite food. What dog could pass up grilled hotdogs and burgers? None she’d ever met. 

Rounding the tree line into her neighbor’s campsite, she headed toward the blazing fire next to a blue tent. “Hello?” Autumn called out, hoping not to startle whoever the campers were. 

“Hi there?” a deep voice rumbled from behind her. 

A Pumpkin for Autumn
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