Island Seduction

Island Seduction

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalFantasyhabanero

Could dreams come true? Déjà vu crept over Brenna as she sought to find the lagoon from her dream—A lagoon that was the sanctuary for an Adonis named Mitchell. Maybe she was insane for exploring her dream, but Mitchell had said come find me and something mystical was pulling her toward the possibilities.

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Brenna waited for her besties, Rebecca and Amie to fall asleep. As mothers with crazy busy schedules, it didn’t take long. Brenna tiptoed out the sliding glass doors of the resort hotel room and directly onto the beach. Déjà vu crept over her. The sensation was familiar and insanely accurate to her dream. 

Brenna had fallen asleep in the airport just before catching the flight to Aruba. She’d dreamed of the glass doors opening to the beach, the smell of the salty air as it greeted her, the feel of the warm, gritty sand on her feet, the glow of the bright moon, and a path that disappeared into a tropical brush. 

Island Seduction
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