Island Exposure

Island Exposure

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalFantasyhabanero

Busted! Brenna’s besties demanded to know why she snuck out of the hotel room nightly. To swim naked at a lagoon, of course. Not buying the answer, she was forced to show them the lagoon. Brenna found Mitchell, her Adonis hiding behind the waterfall. Trouble was that her bestie saw him too. Now, Brenna had a lot of explaining to do.

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“Where do you go at night, Brenna?”

Brenna lost her tongue. The thick, meaty tissue jumped down her throat, choking her. She couldn’t speak. The words in her mind vanished as she turned to face her best friends Amie and Rebecca. Their deep penetrating gazes peeled apart her skull, digging for information. An interrogation was afoot. Brenna did her best to look confused, furrowing her brow and scrunching up her nose. 

“Don’t bother denying it,” Amie continued, pointing a determined finger. “We see you sneak out of the hotel room each night.”

Island Exposure
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