Diving Deep

Diving Deep

By Morgan Fox

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Ella dove into the crystal blue pool water and sprung up from the deep like a leaping dolphin. The bright sun glistened off the rippling surface nearly blinding her. The warmth of the summer made the oasis her happy place. Being with Jason made it even better. What does a couple who loves the sand, sea, and sun do for a living? Become Marine Biologists, of course. Jason, the love of her life, had a surprise for Ella, one she’s going to have to earn to figure out.

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Smirking, she nibbled her lower lip thinking about those hands, strong and determined. The water around her body was doing nothing to keep her body cool from her wicked and heated thoughts. A sun kissed man, slinging an air tank over his shoulder really did it for her. 

As Jason headed up the dock towards their pool, her mouth watered. Unable to keep her eyes off him, she couldn’t quite figure out what it was that made him so perfect. Everything he did seemed to be inline with her. Their childhood mirrored each other’s, their love of the ocean and respect for the animals and sea life that lived there, the science of it all, the island living. How had she gotten so lucky?

Diving Deep
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