Death of A Demon

Death of A Demon

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleParanormalJalapeño Pepper

Josh knows the scent of the killer. Hot on the trail, Josh realizes something crutial–The scent is like an aphrodiac and it has him forgetting himself, acting more primal. Finding a way to shake off the power of the pheromones, Josh joins Savannah again only to find the body of a demon — dead. Another murder. With the intensity of the investiagtion developing, so does the desire and protective nature of Josh’s werewolf. Josh confesses a secret, and now more than ever, he needs to keep Savannah safe. He won’t leave her side…until he has no other choice.

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His brow arched high. “You dream of me?”

Her cheeks pinkened as she nodded. “Almost every night.” 

“And without pheromones?” 

She gaped, shoving against him. “Of course not!”

“I’m just kidding.” He laughed and so did she. 

Pausing, he held his words as he stared at Savannah. Taking a deep breath, he confessed, “I love to see you smile.” 

She nuzzled against his opened palm. “I love having a reason to smile.”

Josh moved, pulling Savannah down onto the sofa. His muscles flexed as he cradled her in his arms. The scent of her arousal stirred deep inside him. 

Once he had her nestled beneath him, he took her mouth in a kiss that had his wolf growling at the back of his mind. The taste of her mouth, the scent of her body drove him wild. The beast was insatiable, demanding to come out and play.

Death of A Demon
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