Taming Hearts Ranch

Taming Hearts Ranch

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

Tammy had a bucket list. No, she wasn’t dying, she was living her best single life. Waiting for Mr. Right wasn’t working, so she drew a card from her bucket and picked ranching. For the next week, her life would be an epic adventure of horseback riding, cattle farming, and livestock tending. She was ready for everything she could imagine at Taming Hearts Ranch. Everything except for Jack Stone, a cowboy with more on his mind than ranching.

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The moment her gaze fell on him, her jaw popped open into a big O. This man was a genuine cowboy, and he rode a horse like a boss. He was swinging a lasso over his head in a big circle, but he didn’t toss it. It appeared like he was using it to keep the cattle he was chasing from running away.  The closer Jack got, the more of him she could see and the more she liked. Clad in tight dark denim, a plaid red and blue shirt, and brown cowboy boots, he was more delicious than he ought to be. 

Easy girl. Don’t get ahead of yourself. 

She couldn’t help it though. Jack Stone was sexy, and he was a cowboy—a real, horseback riding, cattle driving cowboy. She shook her head to clear her wayward thoughts. Her friends would be so envious if they could see her now. 

Taming Hearts Ranch
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