Sexual fantasies – healthy or a problem?

#2 : Sexual fantasies – healthy or a problem? I don’t know about you, but mixed messages about sex and fantasies definitely messed with my brain. It seems like we all grow up with some sort of message that sex is a guilty pleasure. It might be from our parents, a religious institute, a teacher, peers, media, etc. And then we also get messages that it’s great, fabulous, the best! Supposedly, in other countries, in other cultures than the United States, there isn’t as much of this mixed message… they are more pro-sex. Is it because those other countries sent all of their uptight religious outcasts here??? Maybe. However, you can finally rest easy, because Ian Kerner of CNN[…] Read More

Is reading romance good for you?

#1 : Is reading romance good for you I don’t know about you, but I’ve been reading romances for… ok, DECADES, and yet, I always felt guilty, as if I was supposed to be reading more serious literature or nonfiction. But I don’t really like reading too much serious stuff. I need light-hearted, happy-ending stuff. I take regular life pretty seriously, so I personally don’t need more of it when I’m trying to relax. As a result, I didn’t tell people about what I read because book clubs are always centered around works that show up on lists like Oprah’s – not around sexy romances! If I did tell people, I’d actually say I liked reading “trash.” Trash. That’s[…] Read More

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