Is reading romance good for you?

#1 : Is reading romance good for you

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been reading romances for… ok, DECADES, and yet, I always felt guilty, as if I was supposed to be reading more serious literature or nonfiction. But I don’t really like reading too much serious stuff. I need light-hearted, happy-ending stuff. I take regular life pretty seriously, so I personally don’t need more of it when I’m trying to relax. As a result, I didn’t tell people about what I read because book clubs are always centered around works that show up on lists like Oprah’s – not around sexy romances! If I did tell people, I’d actually say I liked reading “trash.” Trash. That’s how I described it. And to be honest, there is a lot of trash out there, but in ALL genres of writing!

I’ve started looking for reasons why I might be wrong about romances… Here’s one of my favorite articles that makes me feel darn good about my choices. Maybe you’ll feel vindicated too.

Romance Novels: 10 Steamy Reasons Why They’re Good For Your Health
By Laura Caseley – October 31, 2016

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Freya Tusk

Freya Tusk

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As a writer and lover of all things romance, I proudly share my love of the romance genre. There is something magical about a happily ever after that inspires a world of wonderful feelings. Smiling at the pages of a book is still a smile. Feeling the warm buttery feelings inside your belly is a glorious experience (even through the eyes of a character)!

When I have a favorite authors book in my hands and someone asks what I’m reading, I tell them exactly what it is. When I’m writing and someone asks me what I’m writing, I proudly explain that it’s “ANOTHER” one of my romance stories. Regardless of their reaction, I still love the romance genre.


I am starting to be proud about my reading and writing of romantic and erotic stories but I still wonder if people will think badly of me. Knowing that the editors of the New York Times will proudly speak about it, (a guy even!), helped me to be more open about it.

Is reading romance good for you?
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