Sexual fantasies – healthy or a problem?

#2 : Sexual fantasies - healthy or a problem?

I don’t know about you, but mixed messages about sex and fantasies definitely messed with my brain. It seems like we all grow up with some sort of message that sex is a guilty pleasure. It might be from our parents, a religious institute, a teacher, peers, media, etc. And then we also get messages that it’s great, fabulous, the best! Supposedly, in other countries, in other cultures than the United States, there isn’t as much of this mixed message… they are more pro-sex. Is it because those other countries sent all of their uptight religious outcasts here??? Maybe. However, you can finally rest easy, because Ian Kerner of CNN says that fantasizing IS healthy. Enjoy the following article – which also has the top 10 reasons you should be having LOTS of sex!!

What Your Sexual Fantasies Say About You
By Ian Kerner, CNN (Ian Kerner is a licensed couples therapist, writer and contributor on the topic of sex for CNN.)  –  October 29, 2018

Join the Spicy Spot discussion #2:

Do you fantasize? Does it help your relationship or your mental state? Do you agree that frequent sex is good for you both mentally and physically? Why do you think there are still so many mixed messages about this in our culture?

Freya Tusk

Freya Tusk

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Sexual fantasies – healthy or a problem?
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