Too Hot To Serve

Too Hot To Serve

By Morgan Fox

Male and Femalehabanero

Radiating heat from the coffee cup warmed the palm of Madi’s hand and a jolt of something electric rushed through her nerves as the mystery man’s fingers brushed hers. His searing gaze locked with hers and her blood boiled as a wondrous quiver raced up her spine, tingling straight down to her toes. He handed her a business card.

It read: Dr. Xavier Passions invites you to experience a night of passion. For one night only, live your wildest and most erotic fantasies. Are you brave enough to put your needs first?

Madi bit into her lower lip, clasping the business card in her hand. Was she brave enough to explore the sexually explicit offer? Maybe.

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Shoving the card into her back pocket, she returned to work. Curiosity played with her throughout the day. There was something unique about the man. His eyes, his presence, everything about him was hard to dismiss. All day, she’d been forced to relive the heated look in his eyes, the tingling of her skin where he’d brushed his fingers, and the melodious timber of his voice. Another shiver spiraled its way through her body. 

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Too Hot To Serve
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