The Warrior and The Werewolf

The Warrior and The Werewolf

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalHabanero

Captured by the rogue king’s army, Athena and Gareth are held prisoner. Concealing her identity, the warrior princess is gifted with magical foresight, and with the help of others, she and Gareth, a werewolf and traitor to the rogue king, escape. Using instincts and a magical map, they set out to find sanctuary–a place where they would be safe from the rogue king and his army. For now.

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Becca waved her hand, and the giant bathtub behind them was suddenly steaming with hot, sudsy water and a silver tray of food appeared on the large bed that was draped in crisp, white linens. 

“Wow, your powers are handy,” Athena praised.

Becca smiled. “Let me know if there’s anything else you need. Come out and join the rest of us when you’re ready.”

The second the door was shut, Athena stripped off her clothing and stepped into the tub. Closing her eyes, the warm water wrapped around her, massaging her weary muscles. The water shifted as Gareth entered the tub, sinking down to join her. He reached for her, pulling her into his lap. Sweeping her damp hair to the side, he worked the soar muscles of her shoulders with his determined hands. 

Moaning, she told him, “You know, nothing makes me hotter than an intense escape, a battle to the death, followed by a hot bath.” 

The Warrior and The Werewolf

The Warrior and The Werewolf

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