The Test Drive

The Test Drive

By Lylah Rose

Male and FemaleContemporaryHabanero

She goes to buy a car at a local dealership. The salesperson, Gary, has the most gorgeous face and body she has ever seen. Gary takes her for a test drive and guess what happens next…

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I found the SUV I was looking for, at the price I was willing to pay, at a reputable dealership I felt comfortable going to. Before I could turn off the engine and exit my car, there was a salesman already opening my door and introducing himself. “Good Day! My name is Gary.” I was a little annoyed by this, but expected it. What I did not expect was to look up and see the most gorgeous face and body I had ever seen.

Gary went through his spiel, I think. His mouth was moving, but my brain did not comprehend a word he said. I finally snapped back to reality. I gave him all the information I wrote down from the website, on the SUV I was looking at. Before I knew he had walked off, he was back with the exact vehicle I found online.

The Test Drive
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