The Recall

The Recall

By Lylah Rose

Male and FemaleContemporaryHabanero

Once again, I found myself sitting in the comfort lounge of the infamous automotive dealership – my mind deliciously wandering back to the past two erotic experiences. First, the test drive and then an oil change – neither one you’d expect to be what they were. Both times I left with 100% customer satisfaction. This time, I returned due to a recall notice and I wondered if I would get lucky again or if it had run out.

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This time, Gary was much faster than me. He shut and locked the door, turned around and set me on his desk. Without invitation, he pushed his hands under my skirt, and gently caressed his hands up my legs, from my knees to my crotch, brushing his thumbs against the inside of my thighs up to the crease of my legs and then down over my pussy. I groaned and my head rolled back. My hands involuntarily gripped the desk so that my dizziness wouldn’t have me fall on the floor. He placed his hands against my inner thighs and spread my legs wide to accommodate him, stepping between, pushing me wide for his exploration. He was impossibly close and I could smell his aftershave and warm male scent that turned me on. We leaned into each other, my breasts being crushed against his chest, and kissed. I swear when our lips met, fireworks exploded from behind my eyelids. I felt his twirling tongue in my mouth and the rippling sensations went straight through me like a jolt all the way to the tips of my toes. Breathless, we both eased back. 

The Recall
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