The Ocean Breeze

The Ocean Breeze

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryJalapeño Pepper

Meredith’s stomach knotted with apprehension. For her and Russell, their week at the beach had to last a lifetime. They both knew it. Their chance encounter had given them so much, but soon they’d go their separate ways again. The magic they discovered and shared at the beach was all they had, and right now, it was all they needed.

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She grinned. “It’s all the pancakes fault. The smell was too delicious to ignore.”

Cupping her face, he placed a gentle, but thorough kiss to her lips. Moaning, he eased back to meet her gaze. He licked his lips. “I could say the same thing about you.”

A rolling flip rustled in her belly as he stared at her mouth and then her eyes. There was magic in his gaze she almost didn’t believe she saw. Happiness was something she hadn’t expected. Sexual gratification, fun, humor, but not contentment. Meeting Russell last year had set her life on a new path, one that had her toes curling and her heart beating a bit faster than normal.

The Ocean Breeze
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