The Long Distance Relationship

The Long Distance Relationship

By Matilda Meyerson

Male and FemaleContemporaryComedy/HumorJalapeño Pepper

A long distance relationship phone call.

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“I think we should lift up our masks for a quick little kiss.”

“A little kiss? It doesn’t have to be quick or little.”

“We can keep our masks off longer? Have a deep kiss? Like they say on the airplanes, ‘You can have your mask off as long as you are actively eating or drinking,’ or in our case, kissing?”

“Yes. And I can grab your ass.”

“Nice. Hopefully we won’t scare any little kids and their parents.”


“So, then, according to your plan, we go out to the parking lot, and we’re having sex, right there in the back of the van.

The Long Distance Relationship
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