Dublin Love – Part 2

Dublin Love - Part 2

By Matilda Meyerson

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It was my third day in Dublin, exploring the city with my new friend, Seamus, who I’d met on the flight over. We reached the National Gallery and after walking around I found one painting by William John Leeche that really stopped me in my tracks. But thanks to Seamus, I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to paintings for long…

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Seamus stood behind me with his hands resting lightly on my shoulders. I felt him breathe in deeply and pull me back slightly against him. My knees instantly went a little weak. We were standing there, staring at this painting, and suddenly the intimacy between us was like a privacy bubble surrounding us. It felt like time was moving one heartbeat at a time. I felt his arms lower and go around me, under my arms. I crossed my arms, hugging him to me. His hands were just beneath my …

Dublin Love – Part 2
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