The Locked Room

The Locked Room

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleContemporaryHabanero

With a hard slam, the door closed behind Joy. A chill raced up her spine. This was what being trapped felt like. No escape. No way out. Stuck. How was she going to survive this? Swallowing hard, she eyed her surroundings. The white walls turned gray and the sun that should be shining was blocked by thick, heavy curtains. This was the last place she wanted to be. Nothing good would come from being locked in this room. Being trapped in a room on a prank was not the issue. Being trapped in a room on a prank with Joe was.

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He laughed. “I’m no player. Sure, I’ve got game.” He winked. “But I’m saving my swagger skills for the right person.”

She offered him a soft smile. “And who might that be?”

Eyeing her, his gaze softened. “She’s amazing. She has spunk, just the right amount of attitude, but mainly from being on guard all the time. She thinks no one notices that about her, but I do. She has the most beautiful eyes and her hair shimmers in the sun. I sometimes get lost staring at her. She’s strong but doesn’t realize it. Every time I see her, I’m blown away.”

Joy cleared her throat. “You sound smitten.”

“I am,” Joe said without hesitation. “That’s why when they stuck me in this room with her, I was both nervous and overjoyed.”

The Locked Room
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