The Hot Air Balloon Ride Part 2

The Hot Air Balloon Ride Part 2

By Matilda Meyerson

Male and FemaleContemporaryComedy/HumorBell Pepper

After an exciting balloon ride through town… Mandy and Joe plan to find some lunch because no matter what comes next, they will need to have plenty of energy.

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Thankfully, we didn’t have it turned on earlier when we were conducting a little hanky panky to distract me from my first flight vertigo but it made me laugh to think about what the village council would have done if the raw footage was shared and it started with Joe and his Carrhart jeans down around his knees! There probably would have been a few jealous women at the meeting. Ha. And, I have always wanted to have my own private porn video… something to consider… another use for that camera maybe.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride Part 2
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