The Goodbye Cabin

The Goodbye Cabin

By Patricia A. Wolf

Male and FemaleContemporaryParanormalJalapeño Pepper

Death is hard and letting go can be an impossible task. For Mandy, getting over Mark wasn’t likely to ever happen. Daily living was a struggle, her body and mind numb with her grief. Standing in a checkout line at the grocery store, Mandy spotted a business card for a cabin in the woods. Something compelled her to pick up the card and dial the number. Maybe it was because Mark loved camping and the outdoors, whatever it was, made her make reservations. With Mark’s help, a trip to the cabin may be exactly what Mandy needs to start living again.

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Mandy and Mark. The cutest of couples, including their names. Sadly, fate didn’t care how amazing they were together or that they were a heavenly match. Life had other plans, and their perfect love affair was cut short. 

One year after marriage, Mark had a massive heart attack and died, a ruptured artery that was near impossible to detect. Otherwise, the healthiest and fittest man she’d ever known, had left her without warning. One morning, he was there and the next he wasn’t. The raging pain in heart that still lingered reminded her of his touch, his kiss. Mark hadn’t been a dream. He’d been her everything. 

The Goodbye Cabin
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