Love and Twins

Love and Twins

By Morgan Fox

Male/Female /Malehabanero

Peyton was sick and tired of living in a pigsty and she couldn’t do it anymore. She was moving out. Heartbroken, she’d secretly been in love with her twin roommates, Patrick and Paul for as long as she could remember. Trouble was, they’d never reciprocated the sentiments and the stress of coming home to chaos had won. Confronting the brothers led to revelations she’d never expected. They loved her too and were willing to do anything to keep her with them. Accepting their willingness to change would require proof—a lot of proof.

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Peyton glanced from one twin to the other. “That didn’t stop the two of you from taking advantage of me. I can’t come home from trips to a house of disgust. It’s too stressful.”

Paul stiffened. “We’ll make it right.” 

She shook her head. “It’s too late.”

Paul closed the distance between them, cupped her face in his hands, and eyed her lips. “That’s a lie.”

Paul kissed her, a slow soul penetrating kiss that had her toes curling. When he broke the kiss, Patrick turned her to face him…

Love and Twins
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