Lost At Christmas

Lost At Christmas

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleContemporaryHabanero

This was the last Christmas Becky would be alone. If necessary, she’d hire someone to attend her parents annual Christmas party with her. Anything was better than those scrutinizing looks and whispers about her failed dating life. Maybe it was time to find someone who shared in her misery–a pretend lover who could help silence the voices of those too involved in her business. Trick was finding that perfect fake someone before Christmas Eve.

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That night, Becky lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Her thoughts were racing with Brad’s sexy as hell smile and wondrous scent. The sensational pleasure made her blood heat and nipples bead against the silky fabric of her night shirt as she flipped over in the bed. 

Brad’s hands were large, working hands that most likely knew how to touch a woman’s body—Calloused hands that were somehow gentle. The tips of her fingers teased over the flesh of her neck and down her breasts. Molding her palms over the silk covered mounds, she pinched her nipples. The jolt of pain engulfed her in a sea of desire.

Lost At Christmas
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